The Tiny Cookbook Project

A couple years ago I had a lot of free time on my hands. Now I am back in college to finish my degree and I’ve very busy. But since I still need to, you know, eat every day, the idea for this blog has come back up in my mind.

I live a very Spartan life. While I’m not minimalist aesthetically, I’ve learned over the years that I function best when paring down my life to only the necessities (which includes the things I love, which are essential to the spirit). By no means am I wealthy either, but even if I was, I would simply use my money to buy high-quality versions of the things I need, instead of filling up my life with stuff.

However, I love to cook (and eat), and I’m unhappy eating the same boring things over and over. I’ve tried valiantly to create a “routine” in my diet, only to be quickly distracted by a delicious new recipe, or a reminder of some food I love I haven’t tasted in a while. The only way to solve this problem (without spending a fortune) is to have a huge repertoire of recipes which utilize similar ingredients but in a wide variety of ways. The Tiny Cookbook project is something that has formed in my head as a collection of these recipes, defined by a discreet number of “allowed” ingredients. Of course, once one knows these recipes well, substitutions are made simple, so it’s easy to tailor things to seasonal ingredients, surprises from crop shares, or random cravings.

So I’m starting to collect all the methods and recipes I find which “fit” the ingredient set. I have not settled exactly on the ingredients, but  what I have so far is listed on their own page. I haven’t decided on certain matters, such as whether or not herbs count, for example. For now this blog is going to be a list of links to other sites and recipes, but eventually I hope to include my own “from scratch” ones as well as adaptations, along with preparation techniques and other life and lifestyle tidbits.

This blog will update VERY slow, as time provides, but I hope there will be a nice collection here eventually.